Music, TV & Film Composer Jeffrey van Rossum
Whether you watch a

commercial, tv show, film, documentary or game. Music

plays an important role in how you perceive video. I will compose the music that suits your needs and customize it until you're fully satisfied. Music and video is pure synergy, so why not create something together?
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Music, TV & Film Composer Jeffrey van Rossum

"As a calm and reliable person, deadlines are not a reason to panic. It actually does the opposite and brings out the best in me. It's a challenge, not a limitation. My goal is to exceed the expectations of the customer and bring an extra dimension to a project which cannot be seen on screen"

Based in the Netherlands, Jeffrey composed a lot of music for films, commercials, animations, documentaries, games and music libraries. In 2010 he finished the study 'Composition for the Media' with a Bachelor (with honors) and a Master of Arts degree. During his study he became familiar with composing for the orchestra. In his 3rd year he had the oppertunity to be an intern in the studio of Hollywood film composer Jeff Rona. A memorable and learningful experience. As a graduation project he recorded a 27 piece string orchestra at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, playing his trailer music composed for music library purposes.

In 2013 he received an "honorable mention" as one of the 12 finalists of the Transatlantyk Film Music Competition. The jury consisted of Oscar winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Marco Beltrami, Petr Zelenka, Anna Laskowska and Robert Townson. Jeffrey composed some additional music (club scenes, tv and radio music) for the film 'Aanmodderfakker' in 2014. This film won 3 'Golden Calves' (Gouden Kalveren) for best film, best scenario and best male role. They are considered as the most important awards in the Dutch film scene.

Competitions Role
Transatlantyk Film Music Competition Composer Finalist + Honorable Mention (2013)
Soundtrack Cologne 8.0 Composer Finalist for the European Talent Award (2011)
Weleda (2013) Composer Commissioned by Musicmusic
Smartphone 360 KPN (2013) Composer Directed by Ivo van Aart
Feature Films    
Aanmodderfakker (2014) Additional Music Comedy by Michiel ten Horn
Night Eyes (2014) Co-composer Thriller/Drama by David Cocheret
Quantum Zeno (2012) Composer Drama/sci fi film by Ivo van Aart
Short Films  
On The List (2014) Composer Fashion film by Juliette Sijnja
Aurora (2014) Composer Film by Nizaad Shah
Hemellichaam (2014) Composer 48hr Film Project Amsterdam
Sisterhood of Somnia (2014) Composer Fashion film by AMFI for Anneleen Bertels
Rooms (2013) Composer Comedy by Chris Yarwood
Doused in Violet (2013) Composer Drama film by Carl Yates
Epoch (2013) Composer Drama film by Mat Thompson
Starters (2013) Composer Drama film by Simon Hill
April (2013) Composer Drama film by Carl Yates
Depression & Loneliness (2012) Composer Experimental film by Janna Rean
Hatred & Betrayal (2012) Composer Experimental film by Janna Rean
One Rusty Horseshoe (2012) Composer Film by Carl Yates
Movement that Speaks (2012) Composer Film by Jamie Sergeant
After the Tone (2011) Composer Drama film by Simon Hill
Labyrinth (2011) Composer Film by Mat Thompson
Dutch Film Festival (2010) Composer Live music with silent film
The Krock Walk (2009) Composer Comedy by Krocky Meshkin
Li Wei's Audition (2008) Composer Drama film by Sheng Yong Cheng
Toeval (2008) Composer Flm by Sander Nap
Things Last (2007) Composer Sci fi film by Constant van Hoeven
Death by Harp (2012) Composer Animated by Roeland Veraart
Scarpe d’Amore (2012) Composer Animation directed by Jen Cram
Paperbag parachute (2011) Composer Animated by Lois van Baarle
Roggenmuhme (2010) Composer Animated by Julius Dettmer
P.C.D. (2010) Composer Animated by Roeland Veraart
Guitar Bag (2009) Composer Animated by Muyu Lin
On the Run (2007) Composer Animated by Richard Oud
Zes Dates (2013) Composer Directed by Ivo van Aart for VPRO tv
Persons Unknown (2008) Assistant Assisting Jeff Rona
Trauma NL underscore (2008) Composer Dutch reality show (commissioned by Cosmic Orchestra)
SlingerTV (2008) Composer Pilots for internet TV
The Storykeeper (2012) Composer Documentary by Rogier van Beeck Calkoen
Amid Concrete & Clay (2012) Composer Documentary by Beth Miljard
On the Wings of Dreams (2011) Composer Documentary by DL-pictures
How Captain Longhair Saved the World (2011) Composer Documentary by Maarten Kal
Samen, niet alleen (2010) Composer Documentary by Eef Hilgers
American Renegade (2009) Assistant Assisting Jeff Rona
The Color Gray - iPad (2013) Composer DeNa
God of War III - Playstation 3 (2008) Assistant Assisting Jeff Rona
Offshore Windfarm info video (2014) Composer Video by On/Off Media
NHL Hogeschool moodfilm (2013) Composer Video by Motiontales
Volkskrant test (2011) Composer News paper contest (commissioned by TROI)
APM Award Show (2010) Composer Award show music (commissioned by TROI)
Bureau Breda (2014) Composer Radio Play written by Daan Windhorst
TEDx Maastricht Leader (2013) Composer TEDx leader by Hout Video
Quirkology (2013) Composer British comedy series by Dan Quirke
What About Wilma (2013) Composer Promo for an indiegogo project
Final Cue (2013) Composer Library music composer
MusicDirector (2012-now) Composer Library music composer
Gallery Loop (2011) Composer Loopable video by Roeland Veraart for a museum
7 Days of Inspiration (2011) Composer Theme song for a nation wide festival (NL)
Schott (2008) Composer Play along cd for children (commissioned by Cosmic Orchestra)